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she disappeared 48 hours ago now the family of this missing woman is asking for your help. >> this is completely not like my sister to be out of touch with her daughter or her family so we know something is wrong. good evening i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm frank somerville. sandra coke lives in oakland. she's an investigator in sacramento. new details from amber lee. she's live at opd after
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speaking with the missing woman's sister, amber. >> reporter: oakland police say they are treating this as a missing person's case. we spoke with sandra coke's sister who flew in from new jersey this afternoon. she suspects foul play. >> reporter: she reportedly told her teen daughter that she was meeting with someone who said she had found her dog. this king spaniel, it had been missing for over a month. coke's daughter called police when she did not return home that night. >> she has a 15-year-old daughter who's the love of her life. my daughter was about her daughter and work. she did not go out late at
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night. >> reporter: she describes sandra as a sophisticated woman but perhaps her guard came down when it came to her beloved dog jenny which was stolen when her home was burglarized a few months ago. coke has posted these fliers posting a reward for her dog. her sister says someone had tried to extort her center after she posted a flier. >> reporter: coke had two cell phones with her, both have been recovered. they also found her car less than two miles from her home. >> please, please, please just know that this is a beloved person who needs to come home.
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please. call the oakland police department. >> reporter: the family is urging everyone to take a good look at this photo of coke. they plan to pass out fliers tomorrow to get whatever help they can. here's one more look at sandra coke. she just turned 50 last friday. she's 5'6" tall, weighs about 150 pounds. she was last seen wearing a black and white coat and jeans. the father of three children in the center of a statewide amber alert spoke out tonight asking her daughter to run if she gets a chance. authorities believe james
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demaggio kidnapped two children. police say demaggio may be with hannah anderson and that he may be headed to canada or texas. the lessons learned from this first use of the notification system. developing news now, take a look at our count down clock we are now less than two hours until a possible strike by ac transit bus driver. as the clock continues to tick down toward a midnight deadline, we've learned that the two sides of this ac transit dispute actually aren't that far apart. ktvu's jana katsuyama is live at the negotiation site in oakland with new information about the tenor of the talks, jana. >> reporter: that's right and frank i talked to a source who tells me that right now things are looking very positive and
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there is a feeling upstairs in the boardroom that they might actually be able to reach a deal tonight. now we were up there when they went into closed session at 6:30. they have been in there ever since. they say there's been significant progress since this morning but the bottom line is there's still no deal. for bus drivers it's a stressful time. not knowing whether a strike at midnight might leave them stranded tomorrow. >> ac transit is real important. i wouldn't be able to get around as much as i do. >> they do the best they can and that's all i can say. because you have a choice of getting upset or be patient. >> reporter: the acu local 192 represents 150 workers who have been without a contract since june 30th. just before 6:30, the ac transit board gathered in oakland for a special labor meeting. five of the seven board members were seated the others reportedly called in by phone.
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minutes before the closed door meetings, the president of acu stood with six others for public comment. no shouting just a request for a deal. then the board went into a conference room and closed the door. >> there's been some movement in both directions. >> reporter: here's a look at how close the two sides are tonight. ac transit request for wages are at 9 percent. the union is at 9.75%.
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basically all buses would stop if there is a strike. the union tells me they're planning to make an announcement as to whether there'll be a strike, there's a deal or whether they will continue negotiating. we are going to stay right here and bring you an update later on in the newscast. for now reporting live in oakland, jana katsuyama, ktvu news. people that rely on the ac transit bus for service, they say losing the bus would be more than disruptive they say it would be devastating. >> i don't know what to do. i'm a little worried, a lot worried actually. >> reporter: celeste aguilar says that one of her four children suffers from epilepsy. she use it is bus to take him to a neurologist. she says she has no other means of transportation and has no idea how she'll get to the doctor or any where else for that matter if there is a strike. should ac transit workers go on strike, the san francisco ferry says it will do its best
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to carry their passengers over the bay. it also plans to have two additional boats on stand by to ferry passengers from san francisco to oakland and the main alameda dock. here's another look at that count down clock, just one hour, 52 minutes and second to go. ktvu will send an alert just as soon as we learn if the strike is on or off. download our mobile app, like us on facebook or follow us on twitter for breaking news whenever it happens. now to the b.a.r.t. labor dispute. the three member board of inquiries is prepared to hear from the board tomorrow. the panel is prepared to convene at the state labor in oakland. during the hearing the board will be brought up to speed on the status of the negotiations and where both sides currently stand on the negotiations. the board will then report to
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the manager. more details on that board inquiry meetings. it's been held on 1515 clay street in oak land. -- oakland. it is open to the public and we will also be streaming that meeting live on a ceremony marked the anniversary of chevron's fire. a gong rang 15 times to recognize the 15,000 people who went to the hospitals. smoke from the refinery inferno left thousands of people complaining about respiratory problems. the city of richmond has also filed suit. the u.s. government today filed suit against bank of america. it's accused the bank of defrauding investors by under
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investigating the risk. the justice department says b of a mislead investors in the sales of $150,000 of mortgage bonds back in 2008. many of the investments went sour when the investment collapsed. u.s. home prices surged almost 12% in june. home prices in fact, were up in all states but two. the nevada led the way with a gain of 11.5%. nevada was up 6.5%. later tonight president obama's proposal to the home lending business and how he hopes to insulate taxpayers. the fbi is focusing attention to a crew of bay area robbers. they suspect the masked criminals have hit at least five banks and as david stevenson reports the incidents
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are getting violent. five banks in five months. >> we definitely consider them armed, dangerous and a a menace to society. >> reporter: the latest robberies has the authorities concerned because this time one of the bank robbers was attacked. >> the bank employee was pistol whipped. the fbi says from monterey to the oregon coast bank robberies are on the rise. >> reporter: agents are now warning bank customers about what to do if they're caught up in one. >> do what you're instructed to do and try and remember or recall as much as you can in terms of details about the robber or robbers. >> reporter: the fbi today also
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released these pictures of the so called up close bandit wanted in at least two separate san francisco robberies. the fbi says it's seen 150 robberies in its northern california division since october 2012 makes this region among the top three in the nation for bank robberies. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. in 90 seconds. >> behind the great music and laughter, the tool this community is using to combat crime. >> and we'll show you how warm it will get in your area tomorrow. >> my phone was buzzing. >> we'll break down how this new system works and how you can adjust it.
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this national night out took on a renewed hope for resources. heather holmes has more on what tools they plan to use. >> reporter: now they're turning to this new social networking site for help. a friendly limbo dance challenge. on this national night out these san jose neighbors say the real challenge is combating crime. that recently included vandalism. >> some of them actually took crow bars and busted out windshields and tires
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and sliced tires. >> reporter: sandy bowman is a long time member of the neighborhood watch. >> we're supporting and helping the police department. >> reporter: neighborhood advocate alspring is turning to social media to offset cuts in the budget. >> we knew that we had to get ready for that because we knew police patrol would be down. >> reporter: ospring is now connected to her neighbors with a new social site called next door. >> it's a tool we use if there's someone suspicious in the neighborhood, if there's someone walking. >> reporter: people feel safe talking freely about their concerns. neither the site nor one night
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of neighborly fun can cut down problems. some here say it's a start. >> it's great to see the residents be proactive and do something about it. >> reporter: the authorities that were here spoke to the residents and they learned about graffiti they weren't aware of. already a look at cooperation. mcgruff the crime dog made an appearance in the richmond district. he also had an opportunity to meet a police horse and dog as well as officers who patrol city streets. thousands of similar parties were held throughout the city. law enforcement issued a warning after six residential burglaries in the city in six days. the first one happened on july 26. the most recent august 1st. investigators say it appears the thieves gained entry into
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the homes through open windows and doors. a california man accused of driving through the boardwalk in venice beach learned the charges today. nathan campbell is accused of driving his car on to the boardwalk shortly before 6:00 p.m. last saturday. grupionni an italian tourist was killed. his bail is set at more than $1 million. a state auditor is behind bars accused of abusing a 9- year-old boy. he is suspected of molesting the child of a friend. rodriguez is already a registered sex offender he was convicted in 1989 in connection with a case out of fremont. rodriguez is now facing 25 years to life in prison if he's
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convicted. flames raced through an oakland apartment building displacing four people from their homes. fire officials say the cause is under investigation but ktvu's people who live in the building and they say they had their suspicions about what happened. >> reporter: a neighbor shot this cell phone video, black smoke coming out of this three story apartment building on east 19th street in oakland. >> i felt the heat under my feat. >> reporter: keith smith rushed out of the building with only what was on him. firefighters say this room is directly above the unit where the fire started. >> once the fire broke out and started free burning it lapped up and caught some of the apartment just above it on the third floor. >> reporter: fire investigators say it's too soon to know the cause. but some people here worry it was not an accident and had something to do with a domestic dispute. >> i heard somebody went downstairs and set it on fire.
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i don't know if that's the truth or 100% accurate but that's what they're saying around here. >> reporter: the fire started back there in the apartment of this unit here. the owner of the complex says he does not think the fire was intentionally set. tonight the crews began repairing the badly damaged buildings. people here are just grateful no one was hurt. >> i saw the smoke coming from the front. i was like no. i started banging on everybody's door on the top to make sure everybody got out. >> eric rasmussen, ktvu news. today the u.s. filed its first charges in connection with last year's deadly attack on the benghazi consulate. the attack claimed the lives of four people including chris stevens who grew up in the bay area. several suspects including
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militia leader has been charged with the attack. sheehan has announced she will run for office next year. she is running as a peace and freedom candidate. last year she had ran as a vice presidentable capty date alongside rosanne bar and in 2008 she ran as an independent against nancy pelosi -- presidential candidate alongside rosanne bar. ruth asowa has died. osawa was known for her paintings, wire sculptures and public installations. the fountain she designed in hermann plaza was threatened. osawa had been in declining health. she died of natural causes last night at the age of 87. it's a cool breezy evening
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and low clouds are moving back into the bay as we get through tonight and into tomorrow morning. it will continue to move in. stretching through the delta and into the sacramento valley. stopping it here at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. notice a few patches of blue. so patchy drizzle back with us tomorrow morning and the patchy fog as we get a little bit closer to the noon hour. it peels back. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies for the coast and mostly sunny elsewhere. temperatures tomorrow morning a lot like what we saw this morning. widespread 50s in the forecast. low to mid-50s. 53 in oakland tomorrow morning. 53 for santa rosa. upper 50s along the coast with partly to mostly cloudy skies. low 50s for san francisco. mid- to upper 50s expected for the east bay. get into the inland area, temperatures warming into the mid- to upper 70s and for the hottest locations tomorrow, only into the low 80s. temperatures remain unseasonably cool for your wednesday. coming up i'll have a detailed
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look for your afternoon tomorrow. and a warm up in storm for the extended forecast. in three minutes the new abduction alert sent to cell phones and how you can decide to opt if you want to. and we continue to follow a looming ac transit strike. >> and president obama makes his appearance on a late night show. what he had to say about a late night dinner with hillary clinton.
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the 24th president of the united states barack -- the 44th president of the united states barack obama. president obama made an appearance on the tonight show with jay leno. it was recorded earlier today. the two talked about a variety of subjects including a late night dinner with hillary clinton. >> i invited her. we had a great time. she had that postadministration
10:25 pm
glow. when folks leave the white house. about two weeks later they look great. >> this was mr. obama's sixth appearance on the tonight show and his fourth appearance since becoming president. earlier today president obama announced a -- the president says he supports a plan to phase out government backed fannie mae and freddie mac and replace them with a private system. they collapsed almost five years ago. >> for too long, these companies were allowed to make huge profits buying mortgages, knowing that if their best went bad, taxpayers would end upholding the bag. it was heads we win, tails you lose.
10:26 pm
>> the president spoke in phoenix. tomorrow the president is set to answer questions about houses from the public in an online chat that will be hosted by the ceo of the obama administration is encouraging the public to join in to the discussion by submitting questions on various social media sites using the hash tag, ask obama housing. it's the first time the cell phone alert has been used here in california. and as ktvu's robert handa reports, it took people, even law enforcement by surprise. >> the first thing i did was grab my phone to see how i
10:27 pm
could cut it off. >> reporter: amber alerts are usually issued close to where a child disappeared. the new system is built into many new phones, which means you have to opt out of it. that's why it took law enforcement officers by surprise. >> this is the first time i found out that we're going to be using social media. i think it's a great tool. >> it's not going to be particularly helpful for the children who have been abducted. >> reporter: people we talked to called the new system jarring but effective. >> it is for the greater good. looking for the children in society and teens and things like that i think it should go out for every child that's missing. >> reporter: eric norris is not convinced for cases hundredsover miles away. >> very intrusive, very, very
10:28 pm
intrusive, tell me how i can tell this off because i do want to turn it off. >> reporter: robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. a major concert venue taking shape in san francisco. at 10:45 the safety and security changes planned for this weekend's outside lance. and the union and ac transit are in late night negotiations to try to avoid a strike. what i learned just minutes ago about just how close they are to reaching a deal. so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? maybe. rich chocolate chips... i just wanted you to eat more fiber.
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back now to developing news and the count down to a possible strike by ac transit bus drivers could be less than an hour and a half away. at this hour, riders still have no assurance that buses will
10:31 pm
run tomorrow. right now ac transit and aclu are still at the bargaining table. jana katsuyama monitoring those ongoing contract talks in oakland. jana is live now with where things stand. >> reporter: all night it's been talking to several sources and just in the past 20 minutes i spoke to one person who says that it appears the board is very hopeful that they will vote tonight and avoid this strike. the atmosphere from what i'm being told is very positive inside. there's been some informal talks as well as formal talks between the board and the union through a state mediator. there are seven people who are on this ac transit board of directors. the transit board needs a simple majority. that is four of those directors to vote in favor of a contract in order to adopt it. sources are telling me that the two sides are having very amicable discussions for bus riders of course there's a lot at stake because if the strike
10:32 pm
does happen, all of the bus lines will not be running tomorrow. there is no contingency plan for ac transit to bring in other drivers or hire private buses. >> this strike notice came down relatively quickly. so we haven't had time to even contemplate that sort of thing. but it's not the kind of thing we would be able to do. >> reporter: the union did send an update moments ago. they say they plan to make an announcement by midnight or shortly after. whether the strike is on, whether they reached a deal or whether they plan to continue negotiating and try to come to some sort of tentative agreement. we will be staying here, we will break in and give you more information if there is some before the end of the newscast you can always find us on for now reporting live in oak land, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel two news. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage.
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the ktvu news will have the very latest on ac transit and the morning commute. investigators are looking for answers into the killing at a store. daniel stone was starting his shift at ace hardware when the suspect came into the store and stabbed him 17 times. damond agnew is now charged with murder. now authorities want to talk to the man who came into the store at the same time as agnew. this is surveillance video that shows the man walking in just ahead of the man who they say is agnew. >> we're hoping that we'll be able to locate him and see if he noticed any of the interaction between mr. stone and the defendant. >> the day of the stabbing,
10:34 pm
agnew walked to -- hasan described himself as an imperfect muslim who was compelled to perform jihad. a man who was injured says that every day he walks to a memorial for the victims. >> i talk to the soldiers out there, i get to go home and they can't. in yemen, the state
10:35 pm
department evacuated all unnecessary staff there. 19 u.s. diplomatic outposts in africa and the middle east have also been closed as a precaution. in pakistan, a series of attacked claims the lives of at least 28 people. earlier today police found the bodies of 13 people who had been pulled off a convoy of buses in the south western part of the country and then shot and killed. no one has claimed responsible. late tonight a bomb blast apparently targeting the provincial minister killed 11 people in a soccer field. in france, a reward is being offered by insurers who are trying to recover jewels involved in a heist in the french rivi era. lloyds of london says it will pay the reward to the first
10:36 pm
person that leads authoritys to the person responsibility -- responsible of stealing the jewels. the size of the home services market is at $400 billion. but they say it's been slowed to adapt to techtology. the new service will be available by the end of the year. it was a slow day for artimus. artimus was back in the game today after losing one of its own. >> today was an incredible moment for artimus the team. >> reporter: that's because it's the first time the team has competed in a race since the tragic death of their
10:37 pm
teammate andrew "bart" simpson. >> we wanted to be out there with andrew. with him competing the first race with us, but that was unfortunately not to be. >> reporter: team artimus catarmaran flipped over and broke apart. the team says they have a bond that will last a lifetime. >> it's been very tough. every day we're getting stronger as a team. there's 120 of us working hard, collectively to push to get the boat in the water. >> when i was a child i'm familiar with the cup. my father was a huge fan so now i'm here in san francisco and this is a treat. >> reporter: pam nurona grew up watching the race in rhode island. decades later she's continuing that tradition. she says she was honored to watch team artimus make their return and wishes nothing but the best for the crew. the team will compete once again tomorrow as the best of seven semi series continues.
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i'm paul chambers, ktvu news. and we posted more video from today's race at just look for the video player on our home page. he's considered one of the healthiest presidents. president bush's emergency heart surgery and how he's doing tonight. >> meteorologists rosemary orozco is updating our weather forecast. but first a great white in san francisco bay. we'll tell you exactly where it was spotted. it guides you to a number that will change your life: your sleep number setting. it even knows you by name. now it's easier than ever to experience deep, restful sleep with the sleep number bed's dualair technology. at the touch of a button, the sleep number bed adjusts to each person's ideal comfort and support.
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and you'll only find it at a sleep number store. where right now our newest innovations are available with 48-month financing. sleep number. comfort individualized.
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okay this picture we're about to show you is really something. swimmers, ring surfers and others you may want to take note. because a great white shark was caught on camera today swimming in san francisco bay. take a look at this. the photos were taken right off of fort mason near the marina green and we are taken by the
10:41 pm
aquarium of the bay. you can see the outline of the shark just below the water's surface. here is another photo. while great whites routinely circle around the coast, this one appears to be young. doctors declare a fight against obesity in children. they say the rate of obesity is showing a slight drop. still about one in eight preschool aged children are obese. researchers say the tide is turning but it is still important to monitor children. former president george w.
10:42 pm
bush went through surgery. >> reporter: president bush is regarded as one of the healthiest presidents. he now hosts a bike honoring fallen soldiers. doctors while in service found him in excellent health. >> thank you so much for inviting my friends to my hanging. >> reporter: during the hanging of his presidential portrait he seemed healthy. >> you left me a really great sports package. >> reporter: this week in dallas, doctors found a blockage in an artery and inserted a stent. a small balloon like device that is threaded into the narrow passage and expanded to
10:43 pm
push the blockage aside. modern presidents have generally maintained some sort of physical fitness during and after their turn. reagan road horses, clinton ran too. president obama plays basketball and just a few years back the first president bush jumped from an airplane. to put it simply this is what we come to expect from our chief executives, if all goes well mr. bush with this procedure should be back to his active lifestyle in his not so distant future. the makings of a huge music festival. >> just kind of brings life to the park. >> the preparations for outside lance and what police are doing in hopes of improving safety. >> then -- >> bringing jobs to wall street. see how ashton cutcher pulls it off. and when this cool down will come to an end. [ man ] she yours?
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yeah. my first. congratulations. your applewood pulled pork with extra pickles sir. [ male announcer ] new subway applewood pulled pork. the sweet and smoky flavor you love. subway. eat fresh. [ camera shutter snaps ]
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outside lands the three day music and food festival is coming this weekend. christien kafton live in the park to tell us about some changes this year when it comes to safety and security, christien. >> reporter: a lot of work going on here. most of the main stage has already been built. we arrived earlier today to watch them start to assemble and hoist that stand. but there's a lot of work being done to keep people out of lands. neighbors like bill hammond say they're getting ready for the estimated 195,000 fans the show is expected to draw in for the
10:47 pm
festival. for some it's too much. >> i know a neighbor that is going away for the weekend so that she doesn't have to be around. we don't mind it. we will sit outside and listen to the headliners. >> reporter: for some it can be a little busy. >> there's a lot of traffic and problems with parking around here. a little loud but it's not too bad. >> reporter: promoters said they worked with the city with parking. munni will be staging buses to move people in and out. >> last year we had some sexual assaults. we're arounding that. we included our special investigations units. >> and police are working with
10:48 pm
us. san francisco gay rights activists joined in a nationwide movement today calling for the boycott of russian vodka. the group stood in front of city hall and poured have vodka down the drain. the protesters called on the mayor to stop using russian goods at city functions. and ashton cutcher did the honors today. the 35-year-old actor is promoting his latest movie titled jobs in which he plays
10:49 pm
the late apple cofounder steve jobs. the movie is expected to be released in theaters on august 16th. a down day on wall street as the dow lost 93. investors sold on concerns that the feds may ease back on its stimulus and reduce the federal bond buying program. the nasdaq dropped 37. cool weather will continue to be the headline as we get into your midweek wednesday. upper 50s to low 60s outside of your door right now. but i want to get to the winds because they are howling in some areas. take a look at fairfield, 35- miles-per-hour. and because of this wind the national weather service out of sacramento has decided to issue a wind advisory. so it starts now. lasts until tomorrow morning. early on. it's for the cardenas straight as well as the delta. gusting to 45 in some cases so if you do have a late night
10:50 pm
commute be prepared because it could be difficult driving. vallejo and all the communities in between and stretching a little bit farther inland. this lasting in the overnight hours is expected to expire tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. if you live in this area and you have patio furniture outside maybe you want to check on that as well. and even before sunset, these low clouds were shooting across the bay into areas like oakland, berkeley. along the peninsula and the coastline you can see covered in gray as well. the southern half of the peninsula still with mostly clear skies. this system here that has been responsible for our cool down continues to deepen and move close tore the coast. a slight cool down expected for your wednesday. in addition to low clouds, fog and patchy drizzle expected once again as you get going tomorrow morning. afternoon highs along the coast, only into the upper 50s to low 60s. along the bay mid- to upper 50s
10:51 pm
in our inland communities. 70s for you. some of the warmest locations are only expected to get into the low 80s. for the inland communities enjoying it. it sure has been miserable for some. very cool and cloudy and damp at times. tomorrow morning temperatures starting out in the 50s. how about the east bay, 66 for you oakland. 66 for san leandro. low 80s for antioch and brentwood. 73 san jose. 72 santa clara. low 70s tomorrow. 63 in san francisco. the extended forecast here showing you thursday just about a ground hog's day if you saw the movie you know what i'm talking about. as we get into the weekend temperatures start to rebound for the second half of the weekend for the inland cities. >> ready for it. >> yes. and what has happened to
10:52 pm
the a's and also the giants tonight. >> are you ready for some football? >> yes i am, absolutely. >> you have to wait until thursday for the giants. giants and a's both on the short end of less than exhilarating 3-0 tonight. they showed less than exhilaration tonight. that's because the a's have no chance at postplay. and meet jay bruce on the glove end with a man on he sent it into upper center. breaking a streak of 18 scoreless innings. catcher derrick norris catches ahold of a role of chapman. about 98-mile and hour shot. the solo shot is the only run of the game for the a's and because texans won their ball
10:53 pm
game the a's lead cut to 1-1/2. giants have been long chopped off the front page. tonight just another game. we've seen all too often this year plenty of mistakes, no clutch hitting. matt cane good start seven strong but made a mistake here to carlos gomez solo for the brewer 1-0. errors last night gave the giants the ball game. it was the giants turn to reciprocate. buster a rare bad throw. chikeoki scores, 2-0 milwaukee in the 9th inning. giants very much in the ball game. brewers out of another, this error by arias leads to another milwaukee run. insurance 3-1. giants with plenty of stranded men on base. couldn't come through with a clutch hit to save their lives and a 3-1 final. the niners biggest offseason acquisition, not a guy to talk much to the media
10:54 pm
but he did today. hear how wide receiver bolden thinks the bonding process is going with mr. kaepernick. sports part two next. ♪ [ horn honks ] kevin! toaster strudel, yah? ♪ warm, flaky, gooey toaster strudel. faster than kenny can dodge a question. honey, how'd that test go? [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you've got snack-defying, satisfying mmmm. totino's pizza rolls. mmm hmmm. mmmm. [ female announcer ] zero to pizza. pronto.
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just because the expectation is extremely high. doesn't mean teams like the 49ers don't have dozens of
10:57 pm
question marks going into the preseason. the answers begin thursday with the first exhibition game. denver in town. niners know they've got a top of the line receiver in bolden but now that michael crabtree will miss most of the season they don't know who is going to emerge as a serviceable number two receiver. they also don't know about the chemistry between bolden one of the best red zone receivers in baseball. and witnessed there in the super bowl against the niners and his repoire with kaepernick. >> my thought is every time a quarterback throws the ball to you the more you complete the pass the more confidence he'll have in you. >> reporter: really a shame because you would like to see crabtree and bolden work together on opposite ends. it will happen eventually but not for a while. >> and thursday night our first
10:58 pm
look at the giants. that's it for tonight. and our crews monitoring is ongoing uc transit talks. updates on we'll see you tomorrow morning.
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